July! Dry Conditions, Traffic Hurts, 1st Japanese Beetles, Yellow Nutsedge and a Research Update

Image 1. Hot and very dry but you wouldn’t know it on this creeping bentgrass green ‘Pure Distinction’ (medium green) and collar ‘Crystal Bluelinks’ (blue-green). St. Charles Country Club, Settle Jun 29, 2022

Weather Recap (June) by Shehbaz Singh, MS

Figure 1. Chicago air temperatures (blue bars) versus normal range (brown band) in June, 2022.
Figure 2. Accumulated rainfall in Chicago (green line) versus normal (brown line) in June, 2022.

Dry Conditions

Image 1. A Pure Distinction creeping bentgrass green at Bob Berry Sunshine Course gets some attention: Hand-watering localized dry spot (LDS) by a staff member of Cog Hill Golf & Country Club. Settle, Jun 30, 2022
Image 1. Intensity and Impacts displayed in U.S. Drought Monitor. Portions of the midwest (yellow) now fall into category D0 (Abnormally Dry). The S-labeled area is used to indicates Short-term impacts, typically less than 6 months (agriculture, grasslands).

Traffic Hurts

Image 1. Traffic injury: Unirrigated areas of Kentucky bluegrass roughs (often south-facing slope areas) usually show first signs of injury due to golf cart or mower traffic. Bob Berry Sunshine Course, Settle, Jun 28, 2022

Sources of Injury Could Be:

Figure 2. Damage caused by mowing during dry conditions. In this case, lawn equipment tires are creating straight lines of damage in two directions. Even at dawn, 5 am, damage is easily seen. Settle, Jun 30, 2022

Japanese Beetles — Popillia japonica

Image 1. Shehbaz Singh scouting for japanese beetles on a OO7 creeping bentgrass golf green, Bob Berry Sunshine Course. Settle, Jun 28, 2022
Image 1. A Japanese beetle close-up, Bob Berry Sunshine Course. Singh, Jun 28, 2022

Yellow Nutsedge — Cyperus esculentus

Image 1. A new herbicide research site is found in a low drainage swale after a native fescue area is mown. Flags mark off corners of 4 ft x 6 ft plots where treatments will be applied. Settle, Jun 30, 2022
Image 2. Yellow nutsedge is easy to identify using charaterstics such as its color, midrib and triangular stem. Settle, Jun 30, 2022

Research Update — Summer Divots on the KBG and Creeping Bentgrass Divot Studies

Image 1. Summer Divot Treatments Begin: Eleven different treatments on a Piranah creeping bentgrass tee, Bob Berry Sunshine Course. Singh, Jun 23, 2022
What drought? Even during very dry conditions a day lily, Hemerocallis, shines. Settle, Jun 23, 2022



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