Pest Alert №10 — Dollar Spot Development in Chicago (mild so far)

Image 1. Peak dollar spot development occurred following a hot, humid period in August. Nevertheless, dollar spot pressure remains mild to moderate (periods of intermittent drought all summer). Study site: L-93 creeping bentgrass fairway at North Shore Country Club, Glenview, IL. Settle, Sep 2, 2021
Figure 1. Dollar spot disease progression peaked on Sep 2, 2021. Visually, only untreated and PGR (plant growth regulator only) displayed unacceptable turfgrass quality (less than 6.0). Fungicide programs performing nicely.
Image 2. In creeping bentgrass, dollar spot infection centers initially look reddish in color. Settle, Sep 2, 2021
Image 3. Dollar spot eventually appears as necrotic, bleached-white infection centers. Settle, Sep 10, 2021
Image 4. Recovery from dollar spot has occurred during September due to overly dry conditions (lack of leaf wetness) and cooler temperatures (creeping bentgrass recovery). Settle, Sep 10, 2021



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Dedicated researchers and turf pathologists working for golf course superintendents in the Chicago area.