Spring No More! Record Heat, New Pests (Waitea, Sod Webworms, Quackgrass), plus a Divot Repair Research Update

Image 1. Bob Berry Sunshine Course: Poa seedheads (whitish appearance in foreground) quickly appear. Settle, May 12, 2022

Weather Summary (May week 2) by Shehbaz Singh, MS

Figure 1. Current Chicago air temperatures (blue bars) versus normal range (brown band) in May, 2022.
Figure 2. Spring rainfall in Chicago (green line) versus normal (brown line). May’s 2nd week saw no rain.

Poa Seedheads Quickly Arrive in 2022

Image 1. Poa annua seedheads appear in the rough at Bob ‘O Link Golf Club, Highland Park. Settle, May 11, 2022
Figure 1. Spring timings for Proxy/Primo to suppress Poa seedheads likely difficult in 2022. April saw few days that allowed golf course superintendents and staff to make needed applications. Then came heat in early May. A rapid warm-up quickly sent optimal timings (green color) further north. gddtracker.msu.edu

1st Pest Issues Arrive — All 3: Disease, Insect, Weed

Image 1. Waitea patch impacting the Poa annua on a practice putting green in Chicago. Settle, May 10, 2022
Image 2. Signs of sod webworm damage on a creeping bentgrass green. Note the damage is a V-shape or can remind you of a boomerang (so says Dr. Randy Kane). Settle, May 12, 2022
Pest 3. Weed: Quackgrass growing in a fine fescue rough at a Chicago golf course. Settle , Mar 11, 2022



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